5 Benefits to a New Garage Door

Increase Home Value

Homeowners face many home improvement projects over the years and must consider the benefits of each. Replacing the garage door offers an incredible return on your investment. According to the current Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, a new garage door delivers the highest rate of return of all projects on the list – up to 98% ROI.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Your home gets one chance to make a good first impression—and it does so largely with its garage door. When did you notice the high-style designs of today are not your Father’s garage doors? With the addition of handles and hinges, the style and finish combinations are endless. Pair those with contemporary windows and prepare to make the neighbors jealous!

Higher Efficiency

The garage doors are the largest opening in your home and that invites hot and cold air inside. A well-insulated door can keep your unconditioned garage 10 to 20 degrees warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This temperature advantage can keep rooms above and next to the garage more comfortable year-round. That’s money saved on energy bills!

Heighten Security

Just like a security blanket for your home, a tightly sealed, properly working garage door gives you peace of mind. Perhaps the lock isn’t working right or it doesn’t close all the way. A new door can improve overall home security and bring you peace of mind.

Better Reliability

A working door you can trust will operate when you need it to translates into convenience. A busy family with jam-packed schedules needs to know the door will work when called upon. There is never a good time to find your card held hostage in the garage because the door won’t open.